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After 23 years, the Tour de Langkawi cycling race comes to Kuching again-united daily

(This article Kuching 7th) After 23 years, the 25th Tour de Langkawi Le Tour de Langkawi came to Kuching again, attracting 21 teams from many countries in the world, a total of 123 players participated This international event.

Federal Youth and Sports Minister Sasadi and Saudi Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Abdullah Karin presided over the flag ceremony for the bike race this morning.

Youth and Sports Minister Sasadi later expressed at a press conference that he hopes that Sarawak and Sabah will become the fixed venue for the long-distance cycling race in Langkawi, so that the people of East Malaysia can experience the world-class sports at a close distance. The excitement of the game.

He said that he hopes that the people of East Malaysia can also watch the event up close, not just the people of West Malaysia. He also described that East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak still have special status in Malaysia.

He pointed out that the last long-distance cycling race in Langkawi was held in East Malaysia in 1997.

In addition, Saudi Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Abdullah Karin pointed out that the Tour de Langkawi long-distance cycling race has entered its 25th year and is of particular significance to East Malaysia as Sabah and Sarawak re-enter one of the venues of the event.

He said that he believes that the event will be held in East Malaysia and Malaysia to promote national harmony.

He also pointed out that the Saudi government has always been open to international events and welcomes more events to be held in Sarawak.

He said that the only shortcoming was the inconvenience caused by the lack of sand in the aviation connection and logistics facilities, but with the efforts of the organizer, Sarawak still successfully held the relevant events.

He said that cycling is very popular, including that Sarawak people are not just cycling, but now more and more people ride cycling as a leisure sport., 7 February 2020

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